Serena van der Woodsen: 1x01 Pilot + 5x24 The Return of the Ring


I noticed some similar lines when I rewatched 2.13 today, thinking about the season 5 finale.  2.13 is obviously much more powerful, but the similarities struck me.

Blair’s concern for Chuck, her courage to be honest to him and herself, that she loves him in good times and bad (hee cb wedding!), that it is a powerful, all-consuming love that she cannot hide from.  

The line, “You have me” in 5.24 reminded me of “No.  But I am me.  And you are you. We’re Chuck and Blair.  Blair and Chuck.”

And when Blair told Chuck in 2.13 “Don’t leave.  Or let me come with you”, it reminded me so much of when she said, “Let me be part of [your future] to Chuck.”

It was interesting in the GG voiceovers - with Bart’s death, in 2.13, and in 5.24, alluding to the “death” of B’s happily ever afters.

Please let me know what you think :-)

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Is it any wonder why Eleanor ships Chair?

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pilot | 5x24

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